Which customers choose Keycast?

Our expertise and experience come into their own in assignments that place very high demands on quality, material properties, flexibility and reliability.

We manufacture complex products and accept turnkey assignments with high demands on strength and endurance. With our long experience and thorough knowledge, we can take on new constructions and improvements to existing ones.


Why choose cast steel
from Keycast?

Use our expertise

We have extensive experience of improving, optimizing and adapting casting solutions based on customer-specific requirements and needs. By engaging Keycast, customers benefit from our combined expertise and our ability to develop products.

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Optimum products

We have fully mastered the whole preparation process, from the time we receive the customer’s specifications until the test results are approved for production. There are significant advantages when we work with the customer right from the initial construction phase. It leads to an optimised and cost-effective product without sacrificing performance.

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Highest quality

We strive to continually improve our products and processes, and therefore we work diligently with quality assurance. This means we produce risk assessments of products and processes to eliminate all shortcomings and risks. It helps us strengthen our competitiveness and position Keycast as a first class provider of steel castings. We offer and perform quality assurance to meet customer requirements or in consultation with the customer.


Unique material properties

It requires experience, knowledge and skill to produce a product that has the optimum combination of hardness, wear resistance and toughness to suit customer needs. Keycast has all these qualities, so customers can feel confident in their choice of supplier. We guarantee the same high quality for every delivery.


Ready for assembly

Our modern processing equipment and skilled operators will reliably handle the most stringent tolerance requirements. This means that Keycast delivers turnkey components that can be installed directly in the customer’s assembly line or process. We are equally reliable when it comes to surface treatment, assembly and logistics solutions that ensure just-in-time deliveries.


World class construction solutions

World class construction solutions

We have explained how Keycast has a deep knowledge of cast steel, its properties and application areas. We also want to highlight our strength in construction. Our designers can use previous design solutions to make improvements or avoid known vulnerabilities through a new casting-optimised construction.

Flexible production

Flexible production

Thanks to modern production and planning systems suited for the manufacture of medium series, we can adapt to customers’ changes and adjust production rates to needs and demand. By thus being able to manage changes in customers’ short-term and long-term needs, we can supply cast products to production lines according to the just-in-time principles.

Reliable delivery

Reliable delivery

We are very proud of the reliability of our deliveries and we set high standards for ourselves. We won’t accept that less than 95% of all our products must be delivered on time. But of course, our aim is to achieve 100% accuracy.

CNC machining

CNC machining

Our modern CNC machines and our long experience in machining make us highly competitive. Because we offer the entire chain from design of a part to the completion of the machined product, we can optimize the casting for machining. Our precise casting method means that machining allowances can be minimized, which in turn results in lower processing costs.

Painting & assembly

Painting & assembly

We also offer painting, coating and assembly.