Facts about Keycast

Casting steel is an art that we have mastered to perfection. Our knowledgeable, experienced and service-oriented employees know how molten steel behaves in different situations and what happens when it solidifies. We have extensive knowledge of what combinations of alloys and type of heat treatment will ensure optimum performance, so that the product will perform correctly in all situations throughout its lifetime.


Cast steel is superior in strength and toughness in all directions. Casting is also suitable when it comes to creating complex shapes, efficient use of materials and to ensure that the result is the same each time. Keycast’s casting methods usually lead to lower processing costs because machining allowances can be minimized.

Our values

We focus on:

  • Goal-oriented

    We are team players and we work closely together with the customer towards well-defined goals.

  • Professionalism

    Our staff are our most important tool. Our know-how and experience lead to products and service solutions that create added value for customers.

  • Trust

    We want to establish long-term customer relations. We will always meet 100% of our commitments.

  • Respect

    We respect our customers, our colleagues and our suppliers and we always listen carefully to what our customers need.


Our base in Sweden is a significant factor. The country has the natural conditions for iron production – deposits of iron ore, large supplies of timber and hydropower  – and iron has been worked here since the 1500s. Sweden thus has over 500 years of experience in industrial iron manufacturing, an unprecedented knowledge base that Keycast makes the most of.

Experience means top quality

Keycast has more than 100 years of collective experience in steel casting, and we have continuously developed and improved our knowledge of steel and casting technology. This means that we now have extremely good skills and our employees have extensive experience and outstanding expertise. We considere that our cast steel products are world class. They have been used for decades in various machines and industries worldwide.


Combi Wear Parts

A member of the Keycast Group, Combi Wear Parts develops, produces and markets patented wear parts for the global construction, mining and dredging industries.

Read more at www.combiwearparts.com